Monday, January 4, 2010

Pictures -- Monday Dec. 28, 2009 -- Mitch's Last 48 Hours Before Leaving for MTC

Monday morning Mitch was finishing final preparations before leaving for the MTC on Wednesday morning. He had an orthodontist appointment in the morning for a retainer. (Mitch hasn't used one much since his braces came off almost 5 years ago. He promised he will wear it every night). When he got home he got out his luggage and everything that needed to go in it and put it all in the family room. When I saw it all I thought to myself  "this doesn't look like very much for being away two years". Monday night was the much anticipated BYU/UofA basketball game in Tucson. He had really wanted to go but then settled on watching at home with friends and family. Mitch was happy with BYU's awesome win. He loves Jimmer Fredette and hours before leaving for the MTC he was coming up with t-shirts he wanted to produce and sell on the internet. Before his friends Brett and Ricky left for the night they posed for pictures for one last time as they will not be together again for three years. In some they posed as each other. Can you tell who is supposed to be who?

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