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Monday, January 17, 2011

Great Week in Dillon!

Hey Everyone,

Well I hope your weather has warmed up like ours has here. It makes things so much nicer but we have to enjoy it while it lasts because soon it’s going to snow and be cold again. This was a pretty exciting week for us. It started out slow but picked up and we were able to find some new people to teach but more on that later. Anyway one thing our mission is really focusing on this year is trying to hit the goal of 20 lessons per week set by the First Presidency. They said that this time in 2008 this mission was averaging 9 lessons a week through out the mission. Right now we are averaging 13 lessons through out the mission. Our goal is to get that up to 20. So Saturday morning the zone leaders called and said they forgot to call us and tell us that our zone was trying to be the first zone to average 20 lessons as a zone. There were two other zones that were also trying to accomplish this. So the race was on. Well by the time we found this out we were at 12 lessons. So we were going to have to get 4 lessons on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. I'd say our average is normally 2-3 but we looked at our teaching pool and planned some things out and knew that we could hit 20. So Saturday and Sunday we hit it hard and despite not getting in contact with a few of our normal people we teach we taught 4 lessons each day to get us to 20. At the end of Sunday night we got the news that our zone was the first to call it in and report numbers and we were the first to average 20 lessons as a zone! It shows when you put forth a little extra effort things pay off.

I had talked about new investigators and one of them is a wife/mother of a part member family. She said that she would have joined the church by now but she feels like people here in Dillon judge her when she goes to church because of her past. We are hoping to help her overcome this obstacle but it’s going to be hard. One thing I've noticed in small towns in Montana is that it can be hard to get the full fellowship needed to help investigators feel comfortable in church because everyone has lived here forever and everyone knows each others dirty little secrets. It’s really unfortunate. Then you see a town like Havre where they are a little more diverse and they have great fellowship and success. Just an observation I've had.

Well Elder Hineman and I spoke in church this week. It went really good. I talked about sharing the gospel using the internet. There's a really good talk by Elder Ballard I'd invite everyone to check out. He talks on this topic and it really helped me with my talk. Well I better get going. I hope you all have a great week. Go BYU and Go Jimmer!!! Way to go droppin 47 on those Utes! Love and Miss you all.

-Elder Davis

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