Monday, September 27, 2010

Transfer news - Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello Everyone,

It's been a great week here in Montana! The weather has been perfect and the rain has subsided for now. So we were in Lewistown as you know for pday and then President Gardner came for interviews Tues. It was nice to talk with him one on one again and we had the longest interview I've had with him since being out. Since there were only 4 of us he could spend a lot more time with us and it was nice. We talked about
W M's baptism and how Havre/Chinook is going among other things. We also talked about K and he said he feels she is ready for him to interview her and then submit her case for approval. So we are getting ever so closely to baptism with her Finally! He asked me if I wanted to stay and finish things off and I smiled and said you know what President I do but I also know it's up to the Lord. He said he'd see what he could do but I was right it is up to the Lord. Elder Whitlock told me that in his interview he told President he knew I'd been there 6 months so he figured he better be ready to take over the area. I kept quiet about my conversation with President about the situation though. Elder Whitlock kept telling me all week that I needed to stay and finish things off. So when transfer calls came Friday...Oh snap you'll have to wait. Don't cheat and peak below.

 So on the way home from Lewistown we took the dirt road and saw some beautiful trees turning Fall colors. All the trees are starting to turn but it's going to be really pretty in a few more weeks. We stopped out at Rocky Boy Rez for the first time ever. It's really pretty up there and the houses are spread out a lot more and because of that I think people take better care of their stuff. There still were rezy looking houses but not as many as Ft.Belknap. So that was interesting. We visited a less active member out there who wanted a blessing. He seems to have a really strong testimony but just can't get past the typical native stuff (drinking, smoking, etc.) We had a really good visit with him though and he had a good talk with Bishop Q yesterday and Bishop Q is going to help him get rides to church because that is one of his big hold ups right now. We had good lessons this week with C and K. We weren't able to get in with the M boys but we did talk to one of them at the gas station and he said to come over this week. We also didn't get in with J the 15 year old girl but Sister P is doing awesome missionary work in seminary. They have J and K both non members coming and she challenged K to read Joseph Smith History and pray about it. So K did it and memorized the scripture mastery in JSH and went to seminary the next day and passed it off. She told Siser P that she prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help her memorize the scripture if these things she had read were true. She said she memorized it in under an hour! and that scripture is long. So we have a set lesson to teach both of them together at the P's this next week. But will I be there for it....Ok I guess I'll tell you about transfers now. The call came and I'm staying! Elder Whitlock and I were sad to see it come but we knew one of us would be leaving. I think we are both happy because he wants me to finish some work here and so do I. So while he was packing we waited around for where he was going and who was coming and the Zone Leaders called and told Elder Whitlock he's going to Columbia Falls. He's now going to be in Elder Child's district! They then asked me if President had called me yet. I said umm no. They then paused and said well this is awkward. So now I'm sitting waiting for President to call. Well in this mission you aren't suppose to call out of your area but to get around that elders will send a voice message over the voice mail. So I get this message from Elder Hamblin (MTC district) and he said Elder Davis I heard you are staying and a certain elder is going to be your companion. Well this was news to me because we hadn't heard from President yet. Well let's just say that this certain elder isn't the greatest elder obedience wise and so now I'm a little worried thinking President must be calling to tell me how I need to work with him and be a good companion for him and help him be obedient. So for the next 4 hours I'm still waiting to hear from President and still thinking that this Elder is coming and that I'm going to have to do my best to get along with him. Well at almost 6 as we are heading to dinner with G, who by the way fed us indian tacos, President calls and says did I call you earlier...? um..No. I reply. He then says oh man I'm sorry, well you're training. You did a great job with Elder Whitlock so we thought we'd send you another one. He just said it pretty casually and said well I've got to go talk to you later. haha Oh man was I relieved. It turns out this crazy elder is going to be companions with another Elder Davis (there are like 4 of us in the mission) So I'm training again! I'm pretty excited! So now I'm in Great Falls and Elder Whitlock just took off for Columbia Falls. I'll be here till Thursday morning. The new elder will get to Great Falls late Wednesday. I'm really excited too because we have some awesome lessons already set for him.

 A part member couple walked up to us at church and she said this is my husband and he wants to take the lessons. So we are teaching those 2 teenage girls J and K together and then we'll go straight to the lesson with the H's! I'm really excited for the work we have to do here and the chance I have to stay in the Havre Ward and the Chinook Branch. I really am liking it up here. Well one last quick thing and then I've got to go. There was a sugar beet festival in Chinook this weekend and of course the whole town shut down for it so there was no one wanting to be taught. So we ended up going to the parade with the 90 year old lady who feeds us steak. We helped walk her over to it so she could see it. They were really excited about how big it was. It lasted a half hour and they were crazy excited about it. It was funny. Well I've got to go. I love you all. I'll send you a letter maybe if I get a chance and let you know how the new Golden is. Have a great week.


Elder Davis

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