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Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello Everyone!

Greetings once again from Billings, MT! What a busy busy busy week it was. I can't believe it's already week 3. Ok so first things first the bad news of the week. We are now in a car share :(  Elder Whitlock crashed his car in his area and their area is pretty spread out so whose car gets jacked to become their new car? Yeah that's right our car! It's a bummer because it limits us to being in the office or being out in our area and not bouncing back and forth like we were able to do the first week. We'll survive though. We now get the truck M-W and ever other Sunday.

Ok moving on to better things. We had leadership in Helena on Tues. We had to leave at 5:15 a.m. It was a nice ride because President brought his Galaxy, which is like an ipad, that he just got and we messed around on it and watched Mormon Messages and showed him how to use it. Once in Helena we had a great meeting. We gave our online training presentation and it went really well. We focused on fine tuning our online efforts and just getting rid of some of the riff raff that some missionaries have been caught up in. Some are just getting to lax with all of this so it's a good time to refresh them on what is expected and who they are as missionaries and what they are representing and how we always have to remember that. President said it was exactly what our mission needed at this time which was a great complement to hear. On our way back from Helena Pres. drove and talked about a lot of church history stuff and artifacts and ideas of ancient Book of Mormon thoughts that others have come up with. Man he sure is one smart guy. I've always known this but it's nice to see him open up with other stuff like this. I learned some pretty neat new stuff. I really look forward to traveling with him more.

The next day we had leadership in Billings. It's essentially the same meeting but luckily tweaked just enough to make it not too bad to have it again back to back days. Our presentation went even better the second day I felt.

Teaching wise the week started slow. We had a lot going on but over time we were able to get things going. We did a lot more walking and talking with people on the streets. We found a lot of good potential. I think this next week is going to be a great teaching and finding of new investigators. One case where we were walking around we came across a man who was having a yard sale. We talked with him and another guy that came to buy some stuff. We got a return appointment with one of them. The man had this cool mountain oil painting that he was selling for a buck so I bought it. I figured it would be a good mission memory and keepsake of the time we talked to people about the gospel at a yard sale in Montana! haha

Walking wasn't the funnest this weekend though. It was Hot! The hottest it's ever been for me in MT. It's really not to bad but when you're walking and in missionary clothes it's no bueno! You just sweat like no other and then you smell. Luckily it should be cooling down.

Had a good week at church. We had 3 investigators and 3 less actives we are working with there. Also a non member and his family just came to church and we are going to meet with them this next week. The ones that were the neatest to see was the Ms. They are a mother and son we've been teaching. We had a really good lesson with them this week. We soft committed them to baptism and they've been reading the Book of Mormon quite a bit. Really good potential there!

Didn't get to see the Ds this week because they were headed back to Townsend and will be coming back for the surgery this week so I'll see them then. Oh I did get to see Sister P and R though. Elder Kuck had them meet us after our meeting in Helena. It was so nice to see them again! They are so awesome! You asked about sending the Ms a thank you card. They had their son T living there too. Elder Mower who had served in Townsend too and I always joked that Sister Moss was the younger version of Sister P. haha

Well I better get going. We had to get blog of the week stuff posted and numbers reports sent out so my pday is slipping away. No meetings this week but next week we'll be here in Billings for zone conf. and then down to Wyoming next Friday. Hope everyone has a great week! I love all of you and good luck with school and work! Talk to you soon!

-Elder Davis

PS I got the package with the CD. You're right Mom, it has some good songs and others that aren't that great. But thank you for it.

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