Monday, August 16, 2010

Transfer Week - Monday, August 16, 2010

Well I'll get the transfer news out of the way. I'm staying and so is E.Whitlock. No big surprise to me. I didn't even realize transfers were here until Thursday night. The last time I was transferred I had a feeling a week or so before. That feeling was no where to be found this time which I was perfectly fine with. Elder Holbrook is being transferred. He's the only one from our district who is leaving. He's going to Three Forks. Elder Ika is the elder coming up here. I've never met him.

So the big news that I wrote Grandma and Grandpa Davis about is that Elder Holbrook and I beat you guys to the punch on the whole Kyle Shobe article. I had the idea a month ago and I told Elder Holbrook he should write Mormon Times/Church News with the idea. I'm still confused if they are done by the same department of Deseret News or what. Everyone here receives Mormon Times and the Church News in their same subscription so I always thought they were different but yet the same if that makes sense. I'm excited to see the story and so are a lot of Montana Mormons that we have told. Grandpa said he'd send me a copy which I'm excited to receive.

So this last week and this week we are living out of town a ways. I can't remember if I already told you guys this last week or not but we are living at a families house while they are in Maine. We are feeding their dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens, and horses. It's been pretty easy so far. They have a really old dog and a hype dog that's really annoying sometimes. We call them old dog and stupid dog. haha. If you don't give the old dog an aspirin in an egg every morning its muscles will seize up and it won't be able to move. The Sisters taking care of the animals while we are in Chinook forgot to do this one day and the next day she got there and thought the dog was dead. hahaha

So we were hoping to have potentially 3 people at church yesterday but none of them showed :( We still havent met with K officially yet again. We caught him on the way to work again and he asked about where the church was and said he'd come but he wasn't there. K also got in a fight with Sister B so she said she didn't feel like coming this week even though she knew she needed to. Her and Sister B have been friends forever and about every 2 months they have a little fight and then make up. Hopefully they will be on better terms this next week so K will come to church. We tracted into a less active lady who just moved here. Her husband died in May and she is definitely needing a friend. We invited her to church but she woke up at 9:30 so of course she didn't come either. We are starting the Stop Smoking Program with her soon and I really think we can get her to church soon. We are going to introduce C to her. They are about the same age and if she has a friend to go to church with that'd help her big time. E.Whitlock was pretty bummed yesterday but I told him hey that's missionary work for ya. You just have to work a little harder this week and hope and pray that they'll make it this next week. I was bummed too but that's happened to me before so I wasn't as surprised as he was. We'll get them this week though.

We have a packed night tonight. We have a set lesson every hour. The only thing that will make it tough is we have no miles. Literally we only have 17 miles to get us home tonight before miles reset tomorrow. 7 of those we have to use to get us out to the B's. We'll make it happen though. We've had to walk a lot lately because of miles. We are implementing Walker Texas Wednesday from now on. We are going to walk all Wednesdays to help balance our miles better.

Northern University's football team has started practices. It's kind of fun to walk by one of their practices while we're out and about. You can definitely tell they are a smaller university. I think they only have like 4 coaches.

While walking the other day we were approaching this younger guy. He started to get into his car and then he stopped and got out. So we talked to him and we gave him our sh-peal and he said Yes I'd love for you to come over. So that was really exciting and hopefully he'll turn into something good. I think our walking Wednesday will definitely help us street contact more. I think we are so busy and sometimes lazy with the truck that we miss out on potential investigators.

That's pretty cool the G's were able to come over. I also hear they went to a Cards game.(yes I did get your email Andrew. You're definitely more consistent then your brother. hahaha) That's super cool. It was a year ago this next weekend that me and Dad went to that game. That's funny that J R has a big time accent. So I still haven't heard about where B's going. Maybe he'll write me a letter and tell me. You guys asked me about the BYU shirt and I think this is my second or third time telling you but YES I want one. You probably already know that but I'm just reminding you. I heard Karl Malone was inducted into the Hall of Fame. That's cool. How was his speech?

So I almost forgot to tell you this but we helped a less active family who just moved here and wants to get back into church quite smoking. They did the program and stuck to it all and did it. We have three that are going to be starting the Stop Smoking Program in the next week and a half. We are going to be pros at this.

So I learned on Sunday that Granite High School was the first to have Release Time Seminary. They talked about Seminary here on Sunday and we learned some interesting stuff. Granite High is where Gma Davis went isn't it?

So Elder Whitlock and I officially have a place that we HATE to eat. There's a lady in the branch that just has a really really dirty house and she feeds us every Sat. for lunch. She is just not the most clean at food prep ever and we are always there watching her prepare our food. I know the Lord answers prayers because neither of us have become sick yet. HaHA

So I got to play 2 Hours of Tennis today with Brother P (member from Havre) This is the second time I've gotten to play with him. We played while it was cool at 8-10 and we'll do our studies after lunch so that we aren't skipping them. I played so much better today than last time. We are going to go play again in two weeks. E.Whitlock had never played before but he's picking it up and he had fun. Well I better get going. I love you all and I'll talk to you all later. Have a great week.


Elder Mitch Davis

PS I can't believe 1/3 of my mission is over. That's crazy! Also check out Elder Holbrook said Kyle Shobe showed them it and it's a cool website to learn more about Kyle Shobe. Might be a good link to put with that other one.

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